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What we do

We started with a provisions and sweet shop alongside plants and shrubs. But one day we were asked to help with a rabbit and it grew from there!

Why we do it?

There isn't any other rescue on the island that helps wildlife or indeed domestic pets.

My love of birds, in particular birds of prey, led me to want to help a wider variety of birds. Gradually, over time, other animals have become part of our rescue.

Being on an island means that other Scottish and National animal welfare organisations cannot always get here, certainly not within a timescale needed by many of the creatures we help. Today, we endeavour to fill that gap. 

About Us

I am Diane Lewis and my background was in social care. I have always loved animals since I was a child. I live with my partner, Colin Stobbs, and together we run the rescue along with many volunteers . We are proud to have achieved Scottish Charity status which has opened the doors to much more in the way of resources and help previously not available to the rescue. It means we can now expand and improve our facilities to helping all the creatures in our care.

The Charity

Arran Animal Rescue and Sanctuary became registered charity in February 2023. It took us some while to go ahead with such a commitment but since we had been resuing for several years it was the next step towards making sure we could provide the best level of care.  
The paperwork and registration wasnt't easy but with help from friends, family and volunteers we achieved status in December 2022.


The charity constitution is based on an SCIO, Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation. 

The organisation's purposes are:

To rescue, rehabilitate and release wildlife on Arran that are sick, injured or disabled.

To provide a sanctuary and suitable environment for those animals where releasing would not be in their best interest and where more harm than good would be done by their release.

To provide suitable information, carry on other events and activities which enable the public to better understand the needs of wildlife both at the rescue centre and in the wild.  

To be part of the wider community by enabling people of all ages and abilities to volunteer at the centre caring for the animals and learning about their needs, while helping the volunteers to learn new skills and gain confidence, and so helping their mental and physical well being.   


The charity has nine rustees. The Trustees decide the policy and direction for the charity. 
We also have a committee which consists of Trustees and volunteers. It's the committee's role to plan and work out the day to day management of the rescues activities such as housing and fund raising events. Currently, the committee mets three times a year.