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Birds of Prey

Diane has owned Aragon since he was 2 months old and he is now 12 years old. He is very tame and Diane will take him with her when she attends shows and events as a Rescue Ambassador as he definitely enjoys attention.
Technically,  Aragon is not a rescue as he was a gift to her when she went to an Owl Sanctuary in Cumbria where she saw and fell in love with him. His siblings and parents were captive bred.
Aragon has a six foot wing span and weighs just 4 kg. His diet is includes rabbit, hare and roe deer.

Eagle usually found at the north end of the island.

Typical Birds of Prey found on Arran

Arran enjoys some spectacluar scenery and with it  the wildlife you might expect to find in such landscape. 

Sparrowhawk found across the island

Barn Owls found all over the island.

Arran Animal Rescue

Arran Animal Rescue suggests that you seek advice first before trying to handle any bird of prey. Phone the island vet on 01770 302511 or Arran Animal Rescue on 01770 700683.


Be wary about approaching a sick/injured animal. Make sure you are in a safe place to do so but as always get in touch with either us or a Veterinary Practice before attempting to help. 
If you are able to approach/touch a bird of prey, it is likely very sick or seriously injured. Where this is the case: In light of current Bird Flu measures, please contact us before touching or moving the bird.
Catch/cover the bird using a large towel or similar and put it in a dark, well ventilated box. Ideally put the towel in the box with the bird. Do not add any additional heat to the box (such as hot water bottles) as the sudden change in temperature isn’t good for the bird.
Do NOT use a wire cage/cat cage or similar.
Make a note of where the bird was found.
Do NOT attempt to feed the bird or provide water.

P hone the island vet on 01770 302511
or Arran Animal Rescue on 01770 700683